• How Much Does One Have To Pay For Cold Stone

  • Posted on November 19, 2015
  • Is it true that the hottest franchise in existence chooses to keep it cold? Cold Stone Creamery stores are springing up just about everywhere, and for great reason: they offer the chance to make some huge revenue without ponying up big sums of start-up cash.

    If you have ever walked into a Cold Stone franchise yourself, you were probably struck by the warm and friendly employees and perfect décor. When it comes to their ice cream - there are numerous types of delightful flavors and numerous kinds of amazing toppings.

    You’re not alone. That's the reason why lots of clients keep returning for more. It also forms the backbone of franchise ownership. Apart from having frequent customers, nothing still beats the joy of seeing a client's face light up after experiencing your business.

    In summary, this is the reason why Cold Stone is such a great success. With a smaller sized store, you could communicate with the clients and offer an intimate experience. You won't have this opportunity with a bigger store since things can be different.

    So if you don't want to work as hard to be a huge success then provide an intimate setting. If you do not spend your time cleaning, which a bigger store needs, then you could operate the business better. In addition to improving employee skills, turnover would be reduced since the need to hire and train new employees would also be reduced.

    The 400 stores globally in addition to more than 1000 stores in the U . S . would prove that the Cold Stone store is the hottest business today. Prep time for a franchisee to open a store is just around 4-12 months. So you could start a store faster than you think.

    Because of the advantages of being a Cold Stone franchisee, folks are now getting intrigued. Many publications have singled out Cold Stone for its amazing business design, such as Entrepreneur magazine, QSR magazine, and Franchise Direct. The feedback and praises will continue to flow with the advantages offered by the store.

    They do not have stringent requirements so setting up your own franchise could be easy. There is a short application process, during which you fill out their paperwork and wait for approval. After this is completed, you just have to pick out the site and get to work setting up your own store.

    Best of all, guide you with each step of the procedure, so you are never left to your own devices. You will have a personalized experience with the experts they offer and the training they offer at their headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    What are you waiting for? Be your own boss and have a profitable business with a Cold Stone franchise. You get an easy-to-manage store with a rabid fan base, and all the help you could need to be successful. It is one of the simplest - and most profitable - businesses you could find.

    The best part is, you could have all the ice cream you would like!

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